The Museum is situated in Bodrum Castle and is regarded as one of the world’s most important underwater archeology museums. It is the one of the most popular places to visit in Bodrum. Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum contains 14 exhibition halls and has the richest East Mediterranean Amphora collection in the world. In the Museum, Yassıada, Şeytan Deresi and Serçe Lİmanı shipwrecks are also exhibited. The world’s oldest sunken ship wreckage exhibited in the Museum is also worth to visit. This shipwreck exhibited in Serçe Limanı Glass Wreck Hall is the sinking boat in 1025. 3 tons of broken and unbroken glasses were removed from this boat. Additionally the world’s largest Islamic Glass Collection is also exhibited here.


Late Roman Shipwreck

The beautiful gothic-style structure seen on the right side of the courtyard is the chapel of the knights. This chapel is one of the first completed structures by the starting of the construction of the Castle (1402-1437). The chapel was renovated by Spanish knights between the years 1519-1520. It shows Spanish effectiveness on the plans and adornments. The façade of the chapel is quite ornate.  Access to the entrance is via a large door in the middle and two small door in the side. Just above on the side doors, there are arched windows one for each. Two windows, one on the top of the other, on the middle door and botanical adornments in the way of either the construction method or specifications are finest samples of Gothic style. On the top, there is an acroterium adornment.