Europump 2017

The annual meeting of Europump brings together 17 member associations representing 14 EU member states and additionally Turkey, Russia and Switzerland. Meetings and workshops are held to inform attendees of developments affecting their business - in particular EU Directives, Energy and Environmental Issues, EU & International Standards as well as Market Developments.

Words of welcome

Dear members and guests,

After ten years, we will be meeting again in Turkey; this time in Bodrum, in another Xanadu Resort, we will be guest to our Turkish colleagues. This time, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of POMSAD which the last time we had the 10th one.
Bodrum is at a cape of Anatolian Peninsula where Aegean Sea meets Mediterranean Sea. It is a peninsula, itself; a geography where blue enjoys coexistence with green, woods with sea, and a holiday realm surrounded with blue-flag bays at its three sides, and worldwide known with its bays, sun, cuisine, and nights.
Herodotus, the father of written history, had drawn Bodrum in his map of 450 BC as the center of the world. Aegean civilizations date back to 2300 BC; the region has a very rich antique habitat formed during Mycenean, Dorian Greeks, Ionian, Carian, Persian, Roman, Byzantian, Seljuq, and Ottoman eras. Ephesus antique city and the Church of the Virgin Mary to where Christians make pilgrimage are at a distance of daily trips, likewise Bargilia and Didyma. What remains after the world’s first mausoleum (4 BC), named after King Maosollos and one of the World’s Seven Wonders, are also in Bodrum. It also has an award winner underwater archeology museum. The castle of St. Petrus knights naming the city is still standing with all its grandeur. There are many alternatives for our partners who do not like sea and sun very much; but, they should know the sayings that Cleopatra used to come to swim to Bodrum.
Some of you surely recall from the 2006 visit; Xanadu Resorts serves as all-inclusive. In other words, accommodation fee includes all food and drinks consumed at all restaurants and bars of the facility at any time of the day. What differs at Antalya Resort is that all the rooms therein are all-suit, more luxurious, and more convenient for family holidays. Spa and sports facilities therein are better developed.
POMSAD has been well prepared for this meeting. I also hope that this event during which I will hand over my management will be concluded with a nice outcome consolidating my efforts since 2001. We have not drawn up a heavily loaded agenda. It is obvious we are through difficult days; the world is consuming its energy with numerous political and social issues; we are tired; but, Bodrum at the onset of summer provides such opportunities to us for forgetting all them awhile and work and have fun at peace. Seasonal climatic averages are very convenient. To arrive is easy and affordable. We have arranged hotel and registration fees to be supporting this outcome.
The rest is to host and serve you. We await you.

Kutlu Karavelioğlu

President of Europump

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